Saturday, March 01, 2008

"she's baaaaack" - feeling better; got my gruntles back

God Help Us!
Another Fake Mesiah is on the Rise

Just when you think it's safe to come out of your house we have yet another self-appointed Guru selling us his notion of "enlightenment"... don't these guys know that you cannot achieve englightenment by reading a couple of self-help books, or attending a $350 weekend seminar?

Apparently not.

Now Oprah (bless her billion dollar soul) is endorsing this weirdo named Tolle. I saw her show where she encouraged everyone to sign on and get ready for his internet seminars starting in March. Feeling a bit suspicious because of his first name I checked out his website. I was not impressed/convinced. Then about a week later a friend phoned me, all exited, and asked if I had heard of this fellow. I said I had and that it sounded too much like Landmark/EST for MY comfort, and encouraged her to check out the rickross "cult-buster" site before she got involved. I told her that we detach from our ego at our peril, that we need a certain amount of ego attachment to survive in this complex world...but I don't think she "gets it"... and she has not phoned me since then, so i surmise that she was not impressed with rickross. Well, her money, her problem, whatcha gonna do if the "sheep" want to be led to the slaughter?

Highway sign warning of sheep on roads in Canada!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

There always seems to be a quack available ready to sell fake medicine.

dragonflyfilly said...

yep, trouble is, these "snake oil salesmen" are total mind-manipulators and are really hurting a lot of peope. Check out this site:


dragonflyfilly said...

Post Script: here is an important new Blog link to check out. You can go to "The Blethering Place" to click on this link, for instant connection.

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