Saturday, December 02, 2006

images of Christmasses Past

AND, congratulations to Sister Madonna Buder, who finished The Ironman at one minute before Midnight!

She is 76 years old and this is her 20th Triathalon


Monday, November 27, 2006

POWER + CONTROL + FORCE does not equal "PEACE"

On November 9 at the Tricycle website The asked: "Are we responsible for the President we’ve got even if we voted against him? Do we bear some karmic burden for the war in Iraq just by virtue of being Americans? Is there some sort of karmic swap we can make so we can continue to drive our SUV’S in good conscience?"

The last question is easy for me to answer as I do not think that karma is negotiable, so no, if you know or think that driving an SUV is somehow not a good thing, then continueing to do so will undoubtedly “put you in the red” as far as what I like to call, your “Karma Account”.

Where Mr. Bush and the Presidency is concerned, this is a little more complicated for me. I have long felt that the history of war-mongering in the United States would one day come back to “bite” the American’s “in the bum”, and so it has.

Unfortunately whether or not you voted for Mr. Bush does not mean that you are “innocent” in the overall scheme of things. “Not all Karmas rebound immediately. Some accumulate and return unexpectedly in this or other births.” [ Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami – Dancing with Siva]

As tragic as it was, I do believe that the devastation of the twin towers on 9/11 was a direct karmic consequence of the years of mindless slaughter of innocent women and children, by the US government and her agents, and in turn, the “terrorists” will themselves accumulate negative karma due to their actions. I compare Mr. Bush to The Stupid Husband, who makes bad decisions and forces his wife and children (the people of the United States) to suffer the consequences. He continues to compound negative karma upon negative karma, and so it goes.

No one is innocent: if we are born onto this planet it is for a reason.

Also I would like to remind some people that Hitler proclaimed that God was on his side when he ordered the mass-murders of millions of people. And so, each megalomaniacal dictator in his time declared that the Almighty has condoned their slaughter. And his armies have marched mindlessly to their deaths, only to be re-born into another minefield of negative karma. The bombs of bloody karma and the shrapnel of stupidity continue to blow to bits the young bodies of “innocent” sons and daughters of helpless mothers.

We forgot that we are the government. We control the protectors of our state by our votes. We control corporate America and Canada by our willingness to buy the products that they produce. If only we could understand that we do control our destinies, just as we control our appetites for material possessions and “creature comforts”, and our desire for numbing pleasures.

Not until everyone understands the nature of Karma, and its irrevocable influence, not until then will there be Peace on Earth. Even a little new born Child knows that.

~~ nameste