Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who's minding the Gates? - Toy Recalls

[a stone gateway in
The Surging Wave Pavilion, Suzhou]

Just a Few examples of recalls of toys


toy pacifiers - nipple can detach from base = choaking hazard

band of watch contains liquid petroleum distillates
1 report of 2 year-old child biting into strap = irritation of mouth and throat

red wagon
small parts can break off: 1 report of child choaking

pool scooter - parts flying off: 9 reports: 3 incidents of facial injuries and bruising

Sesame Street Sun-glasses;
lenses can pop out = choaking hazard

girl's pendant: (sells fo $1.00) high levels of lead
Lead Poisoning is associated with behavioural problems, learning disabilities, hearing proglems and growth retardation.

Pokemon Plush Toys; may contain tips of needles

Bumble Bee Toys sold with Graco High Chairs and mobile entertainers;
26 reports, 5 incidents of choking, 1 incident of throat been scratched when part removed from child's throat.

toy fishing rods: high levels of lead

I started out thinking about doing a brief Post on the lead found in toy trains and the contaminated pet-food and the recent toothpaste scare, and in my search for a photo of the toy train found this site:

When i got down to the end of the page, and 80 recalled toys (most of which are sold in dollar stores), i quit, and decided to simply put up the site for readers to check out for themselves.

manufacturing complex in Hangzhou

Further, in light of the recent news report of children stolen from their homes, and forced to work in some brick factories in China, where they are starved and beaten, and basically treated like slaves, it is time to ask:

Who is minding the gates? -- as well as: Is our own crass comsumerism killing us?

Post Script:
Just a bit of interesting trivia: The most impressive construction in Ancient China occurred under the cruelest emperors, such as the Sui Dynasty Emperor Yang Di, who assumed power in 604, reportedly by poising his father. hmmmm....history repeating itself on a macro scale?

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