Monday, November 13, 2006


ADDENDUM: Damn it all anyway, but i am missing the Rolling Stones Concert...lack of planning on my part, oh well!...but under THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR: i am soooo glad i am not trapped in an unhappy marriage!

I was Memeed by Claybethelbridge!

Q:What color are your kitchen plates? A: I have a mixture of kitchen plates (odds and sods) – some clear glass, one white one, a couple of floral ones, a few white with floral border and one blue one. My mugs are an assortment of ones gifted to me and some that i bought for myself, some of which you can see in my Post of Nov.01/06. My good china is Wedgewood (Kutani Crane).

Q: What book are you currently reading? A: I’m reading a few at the moment, Jung’s Map of the Soul, by Murray Stein, Encountering Jung- Active Imagination, edited by Joan Chodorow, The Gryphon, by Nick Bantock , and I am re-reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I seldom read one book at a time, unless it is a Mystery thriller or a trashy romance novel.

Q:What's on your mouse pad? A: Taz on a rampage

Q:The Thing You Look Forward To the Most? A: Getting well, being able to work and earn money

Q:Your favorite Smells? A: Honeysuckle and Fresia (oh and good coffee a-brewing!!)

Q:Your least favorite smell? A: Pork chops being cooked

Q:What's the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning? A: “Where am I?”

Q:Biggest Fear? A: Discovering there is no Hell

Q:What's most important in life? A: My friends and rellies (relatives).

Q:Chocolate or Vanilla? A: oh crumbs, that’s a hard one…..let me think? Oh! chocolate of course!

Q:Do you like to drive fast? YEP!

Q:Favorite TV show? A: I don’t have just ONE favourite at the moment.

Q:Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? A: Only once in a blue moon - when I am really sick or feeling sad.

Q:Storms - scary or not? A: Nope, but I don’t live in Florida…..Hah hah (i laughed too soon, i did a draft of this Post BEFORE our high winds here.... and the weather people are predicting another storm on might be singing a different song on Monday.

Q:First Car? A: Austin Heeley MarkII

Q:If you could meet one person? A: Carl Jung

Q:What's your sign? A: “…that’s a secret only my mother knows.”

Q: If you could have any job, what would it be? A: if I knew that I would be doing it now.

Q:If you could have any colour hair, what would it be? A: I CAN have any hair colour I want – I just have to find a good hairdresser. But I have always liked being a brunette.

Q: Is the glass half full or half empty? A:Most of my glasses are ¾ full of water, scattered around the house for when I am thirsty!(AND i've been boiling my water since 1983)

Q:Ketchup or Mustard? A: Mustard

Q:What's under your bed? A:What’s NOT – I’ve lost track.

Q: What screensaver is on your computer right now? A: All my photographs

Q:Do you have any pets? A: yep

Q:The best place you've ever been? A: 1. Stonehenge 2. Maui

oh, and i am going to ADD one.
Q: Name something that you have in your bathroom:
A: i have a sweet collection of rubber duckies, they are strictly ornamental though.

so there it is, hmmm now let me see, who should be MeMeed next?
I think el Kapitano...

i am the TRUE Wonder Woman!!!

I know some of you will be thinking "What the 'hey? Halloween is long past - what's this all about?" - so, perhaps an explanation is in order. As well as responding to claybethelridge's claim that HE is the True wonder woman, i also had an interesting realization about myself last week.

I came to the conclusion that part of the reason for the terrible "rut" i am in now is because i seem to have lost touch with my "Intrinsic Self" - with the onslaught of "life" and all the stresses and woes that come with it, i seem to have temporarily mis-placed that fun-filled, energetic, motivated, creative person that i was during the time that this photo was taken. So part of this Post is also for myself, to connect back to that time when i knew that anything is possible, all obstacles can be pushed aside, i CAN realize my own destiny...and i just needed something material to remind me of that.

(circa 1977)

and here i have let my hair grow long (circa 1979)

An imposter (Clay i think) has been making claims that he is the True Wonder Woman, and i must therefore advise him to cease and desist from making such claims; he is just an imposter!