Friday, August 18, 2006

Postcards from the Flying Four!

they stopped in to visit one of their new arrivals, a second-cousin i think...

i'm not sure which one this is

The Pink Flamingos made a detour over this Mountain Range, i think somewhere near Japan?
They didn't give me any details.

Again, no details, but i think this is somewhere near Shanghai

Well, it seems like their final destination is the Westin Kauai Lagoons Hotel, wow, they aren't sparing any expense, eh? lucky birds!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dreaming -- July 3, 2006

I'm in Victoria, and I'm trying to find the Tax Department. It is raining and I am getting soaked. A tall, fat, blond man in a beige suit says he will help me, but the more he sorts through my papers the more muddled up they get, and his help turns into a terrible hindrance. I am getting very anxious and tell him i will just "be on my way", but he does not want to let me go. Then we are in a sort of enclosed yard, and we are joined by a young woman with dark hair. She seems very sinister and I try to get away, but they seem to have me captive. She says she wants to eat my pancreas. I become greatly fearful and then she pinches me really hard on both my hips -- at first i am very frightened -- and she pinches me again and it is very painful, but then i realized that is just what she wants, she wants me to be frightened. She seems to gain strength from my fears -- so i tell myself to relax, to flow with the pain, to embrace my impending doom -- and as i do so, she looses her power over me, and they both seem to disolve - then i wake up, but the dream has left me feeling very disturbed.