Saturday, October 13, 2007

ted's NEW NAME

AND THE Teddy-Bears' Picnic

By unanimous consent the new name for pink bear is
[drumroll please].....tah da da dah!


- and the prize goes to

sorry but I have not had time to download the photos from the hard can that be?

Well, if you are me, very hard.
That is why it has taken me so long to make this announcement.
The teddy bears' picnic was the second week of September, and after a few organizational glitches we ended up having it on Saturday, instead of the Sunday as announced. This was just as well, because as it turned out Saturday was warm and Sunny, then the rains arrived on Sunday...

well, here is a photo of the "venue" of the picnic, and when I have time I will post a photo of the "prize" which I will be sending off to "Meow" soon (I might give her a choice of prizes), as well as some photos of the actual picnic.

cheers for now